Sunday, January 01, 2006

Broke Back Mountin' Mixtape

A mixtape of Frontier Music for you. To download it, follow the Mixtape link and enter in the username and password I sent around. If you want these details then email me at I've tried to put off doing any recreational reading until I've submitted my thesis, but I'm weak, so I sat down to read All The Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy last night and got completely caught up in the frontier atmosphere; its an incredible read. I'm bursting with enthusiasm for the Wild West this morning and have decided to adopt a limp for the duration of Christmas. The mixtape is also in celebration of the most wonderfully named film to emerge in years, the gay cowboy movie Brokeback Mountain. Surely this constitutes the easiest job for the guy who names gay porn ripoffs of famous movies since Lord of The Rings.

The Man With The Harmonica ~ Ennio Morricone
This is taken from Sergio Leone's Once Upon A Time In The West, my favourite Western by a long shot.

Far From Any Road ~ The Handsome Family
A gothic tale set to frontier music by the very Handsome Family.

The Fevered Dream of Hernando DeSoto ~Pere Ubu
A demented trucker races across America, repeating the phrase "Not Fade Away" in his head. Hunter S. Thompsonesque quantities of chemicals almost certainly involved. Album sleeve is pretty interesting too.

Cocaine Blues ~ Johnny Cash
A hint of a gay subtext here. Nothing homosexual in the delivery; just that it was recorded in a prison and I still have the phrase "You Can Toss My Salad" scarred on my brain from a Chris Rock show I saw on TV recently.

God Was Drunk When He Made Me ~ Jim White
A gay country anthem? Contains the line: "Who built the house of brotherly love and let the devil come dancing in?". A contender surely.

Knoxville Girl ~ Nick Cave
Another less than tender murder ballad by Nick Cave from this year's B-Sides and Rarities album. I know it's not on Let Love In but this is the only camp picture of Nick Cave that exists.

Over Your Shoulder ~ Calexico
Wonderfully ominous frontier guitar ballad.

Borne On The Wind ~ Roy Orbison
Roy Orbison could do anything.

Two Characters In Search of A Country Song ~ Magnetic Fields
My favourite country song. One of only two artists who's actually gay on this mix. Yes, you've guessed it...Johnny Cash.

Spider and I ~ Brian Eno
Not exactly country, but seems suited to this list. A torch song for male companionship on long journeys. I don't need to say anymore.

The Future ~ Leonard Cohen
Leonard Cohen tells us that we're all going to hell. "Give me crack and anal sex, take the only tree that's left and stick it up the hole in your culture". Ouch.


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